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Asked a question 2 years ago

Gateway Not Recognizing New Wi-fi Network

I have recently changed my internet wifi... when I try to connect the gateway and use my new password it tells me it's an invalid password. Do I need to reset everything to get the gateway to recognize the new network? I also had an account set up but when I try to access the software on line it doesn't recognize my email address but when I tried to set a new account it says my email is already in use...

Where am I?

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Hi Kate Besaw, thank you for reaching out to us.

Sometimes, resetting your gateway and setting it up can solve the connectivity issues one faces after changing the Wi-Fi network.

In case the problem persists, we would request you to share some more specific details about the gateway you are trying to reconnect, such as its brand and model, so that we can assist you in finding a relevant solution.

Hope this solves your query.

Happy smart living :)